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Focused Principal Investing.

Distinct from Boxwood Partners' middle market M&A advisory business, Boxwood Capital Partners ("BCP") is an affiliated private investment firm focused on acquiring profitable early-stage companies that utilize the internet to generate a significant portion of their revenues and earnings. BCP generally does not invest in start-ups or companies with operating losses, although we will evaluate such situations on an opportunistic basis.

Our professionals have had direct operating experience with companies similar to those BCP is targeting, and thus bring value-added expertise with respect to business development, operations, technology implementation, and finance. Because the profile of BCP's portfolio investments is entirely different than the profile of Boxwood's typical M&A advisory client, BCP will not participate directly in Boxwood Partners M&A processes. However, BCP may utilize the services of Boxwood's M&A professionals when selling or otherwise advising its portfolio companies. 

BCP is currently evaluating transactions together with several committed limited partners. Given the substantial liquidity and flexibility of our funding sources, we can close transactions quickly with no financing contingencies.

Investment Range: $2 - 20 million
Areas of Interest: Food and consumer products
Value added distribution
E-commerce solutions
Business & Technology services
Opportunistic and distressed situations
Light Manufacturing
Real Estate with Operating Businesses
Ideal Characteristics: Free cash flow between $500,000 and $2 million, although we can go higher for certain opportunistic situations
Operating earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation at least 15%
of revenue
Positive revenue growth trends
Niche product or other competitive differentiation
Opportunities for domestic and international expansion
Reasonable valuation expectations

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